Dear Friend of Comer Children’s Hospital,



The goal of the Comer Children’s Hospital Service Committee is to reduce the trauma of hospitalization of critically ill children and their families. To soothe the children, the Pillow Sewing Committee provides 75 comfort pillows each month. The Child Life Unit at Comer finds these pillows ease the children’s stress; they are a welcome distraction for the patients and their parents. The Committee also funds Regali charms, priceless keepsakes that provide families a way to keep their loved ones close. A finger or toe is chosen and an imprint is made on a clay disc, which is then transformed into a metal charm that may be personalized with stamped initials and a colored stone. Caregivers wear these on a necklace or bracelet.


Additionally, our committee provides much needed services to the Child Life and Family Education Unit. We continue to provide funds for the Music Therapy and Art Therapy programs. This past year, we also sponsored hardcover books and touch screen gaming systems for the waiting area of the Specialty Pediatric Clinics, and provided funding for the Healing Garden. These are just a few of the many services supported by our committee.


Your past and continued contributions help us to advance the Comer Children’s Hospital Service Committee’s mission in significant ways. We hope you will continue to support these efforts, as your gift makes our services possible. Your donations are our major source of income.


On behalf of Comer Children’s Hospital Service Committee, we thank you for your commitment and count on your generosity.



In gratitude,

Marlene Tuttle


Ann McGlynn

President Donor Appeal Chair

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