Dear Friend of Comer Children’s Hospital,


We hope you remain safe and well during these challenging days of the COVID-19 pandemic.


On behalf of the Child Life and Family Education Unit, we are pleased to report that while many children's hospitals have had to close their playrooms during the pandemic, working with their infection control team and using social distancing guidelines, Comer's playroom safely and successfully remained open, providing a place for patients to play out the stressors of the pandemic and hospitalization. Our Committee is proud to have helped create that space and provided furniture and equipment for it. 

Child Life has recently expanded partnerships to include virtual programs through their closed-circuit network for children with Lincoln Park Zoo, Field Museum, Old Town School of Folk Music and the LOLLIPOP Theater Network.


The Healing Garden, which your contributions helped fund, is the recipient of the IL-ASLA Award for landscape design! This garden provides a very special space in which children can recover from their hospitalization.


The goal of the Comer Children's Hospital Service Committee is to reduce the trauma of hospitalization of critically ill children and their families. Our Committee continues making 75 comfort pillows for children each month. These ease the stress of undergoing radiological procedures and provide a welcome distraction for patients. We also continue to fund Regali charms with a finger or toe imprint from a deceased child that a caregiver can wear on a necklace or bracelet. These are very meaningful.


Finally, we provide funds to the Child Life and Family Education unit for Music and Art Therapy programs. These are just a few of the services supported by our committee.

Please know that it is your generosity that makes our services possible. We hope you will continue to support the efforts of our Committee by donating to our Annual Fund this year.

On behalf of the all-volunteer Comer Children's Hospital Service Committee, thank you!

Diana Stokes


Gracemary Rosenthal

Donor Appeal Chair

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